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5 things to do in Puerto Vallarta

January 3, 2018
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

There’s always something to do in Puerto Vallarta, day or night. Even frequent visitors can find new activities and hidden gems that keep each trip fresh. Here are 5 things to do in Puerto Vallarta that may not have made your to-do list but should have.

  1. In the hills above the city center, Hacienda San Angel is a cluster of beautifully restored villas with exquisite views of the Pacific and historic downtown.
  2. Pack a lunch and people-watch while relaxing outside. Choose the shady Plaza de Armas or venture a bit farther and grab a spot along Rio Cuale.
  3. Spend your evening with the locals strolling along the Malecon, an oceanfront promenade. Grab a quick meal from a street vendor and bargain for handmade gifts at the market’s stalls.
  4. Catch a water taxi from Boca de Tomatlan and head to the Ocean Grill for an excellent meal overlooking the bay. Make reservations for lunch and spend the afternoon playing in the water, with or without snorkeling gear.
  5. For an Italian meal even the locals stand in line for, check out La Dolce Vita. From thin-crust, wood-fired pizza to shrimp carpaccio and fresh-made pasta, it’s among the best restaurants in town.

Get away from the hectic pace of the most tourist-filled sights and enjoy the slower pace of the locals. Enjoying 5 things to do in Puerto Vallarta can help you see Mexico with a whole new perspective.

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