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Mayto – Real undiscovered Mexico

January 16, 2018
Puerto Vallarta

This article originally appeared on Travel Weekly.

Highway 200 cruises south out of Puerto Vallarta, climbing high into lush, mist-covered jungle mountains.

For a solid stretch, the highway hugs the coastline, offering glimmering snapshots of brilliant blue from the Bay of Banderas. The higher the highway climbs, the deeper into the Selva El Tuito National Park the road twists, before branching out into smaller dusty roads that lead to pristine and wild stretches of desolate beach. The air becomes almost chilly as the vegetation transforms to forest, before descending down into dusty desert and beach. This rugged stretch of Pacific coastal Mexico is known as Cabo Corrientes.

For 45 miles Cabo Corrientes hugs the untamed shores along Mexico’s Jalisco state. The beaches here are remote, many accessible only by boat or winding, unpaved roads. The result is miles upon miles of white sand, cliffs, dense jungle and very few tourists. For travelers looking to take their exploration of Mexico to the next level, Cabo Corrientes is certainly worth the trip.

Each of the beaches in Cabo Corrientes has its own particular attraction. One of the most beautiful and romantic is Playa Mayto, a sweeping, crescent-shaped beach with fine, golden sand fringed in palm trees. A small hotel, Hotel Mayto, sits at the entrance to the beach, with a selection of clean, basic rooms with balconies. Budget-conscious travelers can opt for the on-site campground, as well. The facilities include a restaurant, pool and seductive, panoramic views of the Pacific.

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