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  • 2-Tank Cenote Certified Dive in Tulum

    2-Tank Cenote Certified Dive in Tulum

    Enjoy a 5-hour certified dive from Tulum at two wonderful cenotes in the Riviera Maya. Your tour includes transportation, equipment, snacks and refreshments, plus a professional guide.

    Cenote diving is a very special experience. On this tour, you will get to visit 2 different cenotes and experience their natural beauty from up close. The clarity of the water and the amazing landscapes will give you the sensation of floating in space. The tour takes place in Tulum where there are dozens of cenotes with different colors, formations and ecosystems.

    The cenotes you visit will be chosen depending on your preference and experience and may include Cenote Dos Ojos, Casa Cenote, Gran Cenote, Cenote Crystal and Calavera. Each dive will be about 40 minutes and you will have a break in between the two dives to enjoy snacks and refreshments. You will be in a small-group tour of a maximum of 4 people, so you will enjoy personalized experience.

    Don?t miss the opportunity to witness these unique places filled with natural beauty by enjoying a wonderful dive experience.

  • 5-Day Spanish Language and Communicative Classes

    5-Day Spanish Language and Communicative Classes

    Spending a little time in Mexico and want to be able to communicate with the locals? This innovative program will introduce you to the Spanish Language and the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world while developing structural accuracy for communication. The program’s teaching method is known as the Communicative approach because you learn to speak by speaking but it is also integrated because the program combines culture, conversation and grammar. Practical examples, visuals, games and flashcards are used in every class.

    The culture-seminars, cultural activities and excursions will help you understand the social context in which the language is used and will enhance your Spanish learning experience.

    Study Spanish and learn about the Mexican culture at the same time while visiting the city of Merida. You can choose from the following 5-day courses:

    Intensive Spanish Course
    3 lessons per day at 5 days a week.
    15 lessons = 25 Hours per week

    A balance between group interaction and personal attention wil allow you to maximize your progress and linguistic development through these programs. Your classes will begin with a grammar class in the morning. After a quick coffee break, you will have a combination of conversation and culture class. Finish your day with a private session one-one to help you correct your mistakes and help you reinforce the areas you need. Videos, Flashcards, Music, Listening and Games can be part of your last class for the day.


    • 9am to 10:45am Grammar Class
    • 10:45am to 11:15am Coffee Break
    • 11:15am to 1pm Conversation And Culture Class
    • 1pm to 2pm Private Session

    Semi-Intensive Spanish Course
    2 lessons per day at 5 days per week
    10 lessons = 20 hours per week

    Classes will be taught in Spanish to help you learn the language naturally. After grammar class in the morning and a short break, the you will have two hours of conversation practice Culture seminars will be twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays. All classrooms are air conditioned. You will end the day with a listening and video activity class.


    • 9am to 10:45am Grammar Class
    • 10:45am to 11:15am Coffee Break
    • 11:15am to 1pm Conversation And Culture Class

    You will now go home to try out a delicious Yucatecan lunch with your host family. And after the typical “siesta” nap time you will be ready for some extra fun Spanish speaking practice with your hosts and neighbors. In the evenings your hosts can take you downtown to enjoy any of the free cultural activities. If you prefer you can also go on an afternoon excursion to the Mayan ruins with your new friends or to the beach and get a nice tan!

    Gold Spanish Program
    4 lessons per day at 5 days a week.
    20 lessons = 30 Hours per week

    A combination of Intensive and Semi-Intensive courses with more listening classes.


    • 8am to 8:50 am Conversation and Listening
    • 8:50am to 9am Coffee Break
    • 9am to 10:45am Grammar Class
    • 10:45am to 11:15am Coffee Break
    • 11:15am to 1pm Conversation And Culture Class
    • 1pm to 2pm Listening and Video Activities
  • All-Inclusive Snorkeling Tour to the Marietas Islands

    All-Inclusive Snorkeling Tour to the Marietas Islands

    If you are looking for comfort, fun and adventure then this totally unique 60 foot Trimaran has it all. This is the ultimate and most comfortable tour in the bay. This tour will offer you an unforgettable experience with every luxury you would imagine.This is a unique and memorable way to enjoy seeing whales in comfort and fun and enjoy your vacation and Banderas Bay with family and friends. The owner of this tour company travels with you on many tours to ensure that every guest has a great time. Some unique amenities on the boat include,?Hammocks,?4 bathrooms, 2 water slides, sound system, outdoor showers, water tubes, Kayaks, Paddleboards ?and more. Get ready for the best day of your vacation.

    If you are meeting in Sayulita then your all-inclusive tour begins at our main office in Sayulita where all guests step into a Mexican limo bus and are transferred a short ride to the boat and if you are going direct to La Cruz Marina where all guest will meet up up and are greeted by an enthusiastic crew awaiting their arrival. They are immediately offered juices, coffee or cocktails and a breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries.?

    Every guest will enjoy plush cushions and extremely comfortable seating on the 1,800 square feet of deck space, the splash nets or the sun deck upstairs. During the cruise to Marietas islands, all guests will enjoy the comfortable cruise while observing the vast marine life of Whales(in season), Dolphins and sea turtles. The crew is available for narration and provides pertinent information about the bay.

    The first stop is about 2 hours into the tour and is rated the top 100 most beautiful spots in the world, “The Marietas Islands”, home to the Blue Footed Boobie birds and a complete nature reserve. Your expert guides will fit each guest with snorkel equipment and guide you to the caves of the Marietas Islands to swim and snorkel through one of the most beautiful spots to an open beach inside the island. Guests will enjoy about 30-45 minutes snorkeling and then be guided back to the boat to enjoy a gourmet lunch and afternoon cocktails.

    The crew then opens up all the additional water activities available such as Paddleboards, Kayaks not to mention the two water slides off the second deck and the water tubes. In addition, every guest cushion floats and holds two people floating comfortably if you just want to relax in the water. Do not worry, the crew will swim beverages to you in the water. After about 2 hours, the boat starts the journey back while doing some more whale watching (In Season, enjoying the sound system and some even care to dance. There is also a 3 person water tube behind the boat for guests to enjoy while the boat is operating as well do some fishing for the afternoon ceviche snack. You’ll make one more stop for guests to enjoy the water and the activities during the last hour of the tour. It is a one of a kind tour that you will never forget. Get Ready for the best day of your life.

  • Cenote Trail Bike Tour in Tulum

    Cenote Trail Bike Tour in Tulum

    Go on a journey through space and time and explore a variety of caves, caverns and cenotes. You will also get to snorkel in crystal clear underground rivers and cycle through quiet forested paths. Learn about the prehistoric past of the Yucatan peninsula on this great bike tour from Tulum.

    Meet your guide and crew at a central office in Tulum. Get all necessary equipment and head to discover the variety of caverns and caves that fill the Mayan forest. Cenotes were considered by the ancients as portals into the underworld, allowing us entry into another realm of the earth. You will ride through a quiet forested road to explore 3 different cenotes.

    You will then descend into a submerged cave system, where you will snorkel in crystal clear waters amid astounding rock formations and incredible views of the underground rivers. Afterwards, visit an enormous cavern where you will take a closer look at the evolution of these spaces and how their uses have changed over time.

    Surrounded by lush vegetation, find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sounds and colors of nature. Plus, visit a working ‘bio-region’ – an educational space created to provide understanding of this unique environment.?

  • Coba and Chichen Itza Private Tour with Lunch, Cenote Ik Kil

    Coba and Chichen Itza Private Tour with Lunch, Cenote Ik Kil

    Enjoy a day trip to two must-see pyramids: Coba and Chichen Itza. This unique full-day tour will give you the chance to see two very important archaeological zones in Yucatan. Lunch plus a visit to breathtaking Ik Kil cenote is also included, as well as pickup and drop-off from hotels in Tulum and Riviera Maya.

    Your tour begins with hotel pickup between?8- 8:30am in Tulum or?Riviera Maya. You will board a vehicle and head to visit the temples of one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the Maya culture, Coba.

    Coba in Maya means ?water stirred by wind? and it is an ancient Mayan urban center surrounded by rain forest, lakes and cenotes. You can walk under the tall trees and observe exotic birds and other animals that live there. If you feel more adventurous, you can climb the tallest pyramid in the Mayan Peninsula Nohuch Mul (?large mound?) and get a breathtaking view as a reward.?

    Then you will board a vehicle and drive to Chichen Itza to arrive at around 12:30pm. To?avoid the heat first you will visit?the ‘Sacred Blue Cenote’ of Ik Kil (“place of the winds”), where you can swim in the waters of this natural well inside a cave covered with lush vegetation. Then, you will enjoy a buffet lunch at the cenote’s restaurant.?

    The culmination of the tour will be visiting to the legendary Chichen Itza. You will explore the site with your guide and stay there for about 2 to 3 hours without the crowds. Chich̩n Itza was a center of commercial and religious power and is considered one of the most important vestiges of pre-Hispanic culture. See its main landmarks, including El Castillo.

    You will leave Chichen Itza?at around?4:00pm and arrive in Tulum or Riviera Maya between 6-7pm.

  • Combo Tour: Cozumel Island and Tequila Tour, Playa Mia Beach Park and Discover Mexico Park

    Combo Tour: Cozumel Island and Tequila Tour, Playa Mia Beach Park and Discover Mexico Park

    Experience different sides of Cozumel — from a tequila tasting to rides at Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park to history exhibits at a museum — on this half-day combo tour. After learning about the tequila-making process, take a scenic drive around Cozumel’s uninhabited side. Relax and let loose at the water park before enjoying an engaging multimedia tour of culture and history at Discover Mexico Park. Your entry ticket includes an international buffet, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, non-motorized water toys, access to beaches and pools, and more.

    Board your air-conditioned coach at a central location in Playa Mia and relax on the 20-minute drive. Your first stop is Hacienda Antigua, where you’ll take a fun tequila tour. Learn about the extraction process, the proper way to taste the iconic Mexican alcohol, and receive tips on how to identify the good stuff from the rest. Then it’s bottom’s up!

    After your 15-minute tour, hop aboard your comfortable coach and head to the western side of Cozumel on a scenic drive. Take in the Caribbean views from Cozumel’s uninhabited side, making a quick stop en route at El Mirador — a vista point with fantastic photo ops. When you’ve completed your route around the island, arrive at Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park for about two hours of fun in the sun.

    Enjoy the best of Cozumel at this top-notch facility, which offers a range of activities for all ages. This famous beach park is the ideal place to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, sunbathe on the white-sand beach and have a blast in the pools at the water park. Take the kids to Buccaneer’s Bay with a lagoon pool, which includes a pirate ship, water canons, water sprays and animal slides. Make a splash on the 200-foot (61-meter) long Twin Twister waterslides, check out the Floating Park or head to the underwater Mayan city.

    With unlimited non-alcoholic beverages from the still drinks fountain included, relax with your favorite drink at the Oasis Island pool and Hydro-massage tub. When you’re hungry, enjoy an international buffet at La Velaria Restaurant, where you’ll find a variety of salads, side dishes, entrées such as Veracruz-style fish fillet, roasted suckling pig, barbecue chicken and beef fajitas, and last but not least, dessert.

    After Playa Mia, take a short ride to Discover Mexico Park, where you’ll spend about 45 minutes. During a four-screen video-collage presentation of Mexico’s culture and history, enjoy lively and rousing images from all over the country, including the Riviera Maya, Oaxaca and Chihuahua. Explore the on-site Museum of Popular Art and follow the architectural evolution of Mexico as you walk through replicas of Chichén Itzá, other Aztec and Mayan pyramids, monuments built during the Spanish colonial era and the elegant boulevard of Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma.

    Your tour ends with drop-off in the late afternoon at the original departure point.

  • Combo: Exclusive Chichen Itza and Coba Early Access Tours led by Archaeologist

    Combo: Exclusive Chichen Itza and Coba Early Access Tours led by Archaeologist

    Enjoy this 2-day combo, back to back, small-group tour from Tulum. Admire the majesty of Chichen Itza and Coba with a guide. Next day choose between a bike ride or beautiful walk to the base of the pyramids of Coba. Lunch and round-trip transportation included.

    If you are someone who likes to travel, this tour is for you! You?ll have two days to admire the beauty and majesty of Chichen Itza and Coba?s archaeological sites. Discover how the large pre Columbian city of Chichen Itza played an important role in the Mayan civilization around 600 AD to 1200, and remained a center of worship and pilgrimage until the arrival of the Spaniards. Even today, it is still considered sacred by the Maya people in the Yucatan Peninsula site. The next day you will visit Coba, which translates into Spanish as ?water stirred by wind?. Between 400 and 1100 AD, it was one of the largest cities in the Classic Maya period, reaching an accommodation of around 50,000 inhabitants. You?ll get the chance of getting to the pyramid either walking or by biking.One of the main reasons that made the population settle there were two small lakes that supplied water to the population. To counter the heat, then you will visit Choo-Ha cenote, these unique underground caverns in the world are in the Yucatan Peninsula and are connected, covered with water. It is a unique experience swimming in them. The cenote is illuminated by natural light and the water view is spectacular.

  • Discover Spearfishing Program in Punta Mita

    Discover Spearfishing Program in Punta Mita

    This is the ultimate experience if you are looking for a new and exciting experience. Enjoy the world class spearfishing grounds while you simply hang on the surface breathing trough a snorkel when waiting for that fish you dream. Learn the most important techniques for safety and to hunt successfully the best species in the area on this half day expedition guided by professional spearfisherman.

    Discover one of the most ancient methods of fishing on this introductory program which will give you a unique and memorable experience. The program begins with a 15-minute briefing at the beach in which you will go through all the basics and safety considerations and, most importantly, get to know all the gear involved.

    You will then start a shallow practice in the water which is a 20-minute clinic and demonstration of the principle skills you need to learn before heading to the reefs. Then, you’ll head to the local reefs for a 2-hour experience guided by the instructor. You’ll be on a real hunting environment to get some lunch for the group with great photos of the whole experience being taken.

    After a fun day out, bring your catch back to your resort and enjoy an amazing dinner with your family and friends. You’ll take home the best photos and HD videos of your first fish to remember this experience forever.

  • El Tuito Day Trip from Puerto Vallarta with Tequila and Lunch

    El Tuito Day Trip from Puerto Vallarta with Tequila and Lunch

    Tuito, a small and picturesque town located south of Puerto Vallarta, comes from the Nahuatl pre-hispanic language meaning?”small beautiful valley”.?In this 7-hour small group tour by air-conditioned minivan, you will have the opportunity to visit the main square, the church, the local bakery, the botanical garden, and participate in a tequila tasting at the Tequila Distillery. Lunch is included in this?tour as well as hotel pickup and drop-off.

    Begin your tour with hotel pick up from your Puerto Vallarta hotel and be transported to the small, picturesque town of Tuito.

    On this tour you will?be guided through the main places of the town, such as:

    • The Main Square
    • The Church of San Pedro
    • The Local/Artisan Bakery
    • The Cultural Center
    • The Tequila Distillery (a free tequila tasting is included)

    Admire the process of making handmade tortillas before having?a Mexican style lunch at a typical restaurant in Tuito,?

    Afterwards enjoy a stop at the Botanical Garden, which was created to exhibit and conserve rare plants from Mexico and the rest of the world, as well as the native plants of the region.

    Finally you will return back to your accommodations after experiencing a lovely day in Tuito.

  • Half Day Akumal Bay Sea Turtle Snorkeling and Cenote from Riviera Maya, Cancun and Tulum

    Half Day Akumal Bay Sea Turtle Snorkeling and Cenote from Riviera Maya, Cancun and Tulum

    Guided half day dedicated to two of the most exciting experiences you can have in Riviera Maya: swimming with turtles and a visit to Cenote.
    The turtle encounter is guaranteed in Akumal Bay. Akumal is in fact the first comprehensive shelter area in Mexico for the protection of turtles, seagrass and reefs. Then, the Cenote EL SUE??O is one the 2000 cenotes discovered in the area and one of the most beautiful with impressive stalagmites and stalactites. This tour is limited to 12 travelers per booking to ensure small group.

    ?After 2 months of closure finally at the beginning of April this bay opens again to the public after being declared from March 7, 2016 area of refuge for the protection of marine species administered by CONANP (NATIONAL COMMISSION OF PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS).

    Departure in air conditioned van with guide in required language.

    The tour is divided into 2 stops: Akumal Bay and Cenote Sue̱o (located about 10 km from Tulum). The order of the visit may vary due to operations needs.

    On the beach of Akumal you will swim with turtles and fish of the reef, you will be able to admire corals, flora, and marine fauna of the area. Duration of the activity is about 50 minutes, in line with the needs of customers. At your disposal are the services of a service center in Akumal: showers, toilets and changing rooms.

    In the cenote El Sue̱o, located inside the property of a very characteristic Mayan peasant, when entering the charming cave of the Dream under ground engulfed by an exciting cave, studded and surrounded by stalactites and columns of limestone, where you can cool off In the crystal clear waters for a swim and explore the cave.

    There will be a snack in addition to the drinks: biscuits, water and jamaica, available to customers from the beginning of the day

    Return to the hotel from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    Special Offer – Book and travel by August 31?and save 10% off our previously offered price! – Book Now!

  • Isla Mujeres All-Inclusive Catamaran Tour from Tulum

    Isla Mujeres All-Inclusive Catamaran Tour from Tulum

    Set sail on the sparkling waters of the Caribbean to the beautiful Isla Mujeres on this All-Inclusive tour from your hotel or accommodation in Tulum.?
    Go snorkeling in the turquoise waters and observe the natural beauty of the marine life. Relax on the beach, enjoy a buffet lunch and an open bar. The tour includes hotel pickup and drop off from Tulum hotels.

    After a morning pickup from your hotel in Tulum, head to the marina and board a great catamaran to?set sail onto the Caribbean Sea towards Isla Mujeres (Island?of Women).?

    After reception in the port deck of Cancun, you’ll board the catamaran and set sail to Isla Mujeres on a comfortable ship. After an approximate 2hr. trip, you’ll arrive in Isla Mujeres. Be amazed at the gorgeous views as you cruise along the surface.?

    Then, you’ll stop at the coral reef national park along the way for an hour of snorkeling. Swim through crystal-clear waters while admiring beautiful coral formations, tropical fish, and other fascinating creatures of the sea. Your guide will sprinkle fish food into the water to completely surround you with schools of colorful exotic fish.

    After snorkeling, continue to the beach where you’ll marvel at sweeping ocean views while savoring a delicious lunch buffet. Relax under palm trees and just take in your surroundings.?

    Your tour ends with hotel drop-off around 4:30 p.m.

  • Las Caletas Day Tour from Puerto Vallarta

    Las Caletas Day Tour from Puerto Vallarta

    Explore Mexico’s answer to the Garden of Eden on this Las Caletas day trip from Puerto Vallarta. This day trip to the exclusive and enchanting coastal haven on Banderas Bay will allow you to get away from it all, kick back, relax and let all the stress slip away. A great family friendly adventure to be enjoed by everyone!

    Las Caletas, only accessible by sea, is a well-secluded nature preserve that stands out against a steep, jungle-clad backdrop of green canopies in an isolated cove on the southern shores of Banderas Bay. As you cruise towards this tropical paradise aboard your first-class catamaran, you’ll enjoy the most fantastic coastal scenery that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

    Upon arrival at Las Caletas, you can choose between a day of pure relaxation or gentle exploration. If relaxing is on your personal agenda, you can kick back on the beach, relax in the shade on a comfortable hammock or indulge in a therapeutic body massage or facial.

    As you relax and unwind, the gentle lapping of the surf on the private golden beach beckons you to take a closer look at the calm, clear waters of the isolated cove. Throughout the day, the bilingual eco-guides offer snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking tours, giving everyone a chance to explore Banderas Bay in a fun and exciting way.

    On land, you can take a Paella cooking lesson, discover Las Caletas’ prolific flora and bird life on a free guided nature walk through the jungle, orchid gardens and interactive parrot center, or explore the natural amphitheater and the Mayan Pyramid that serves as center stage for the contemporary dance performance on the Rhythms of the Night tour.

    Note: Breakfast and the Paella cooking lesson are not included in the 11:30am tour.

  • Mandala Nightclubs with Open Bar in Puerto Vallarta

    Mandala Nightclubs with Open Bar in Puerto Vallarta

    Live the exciting nightlife of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, partying at some of the most glamorous and famous nightclubs of Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy a semi-international open bar service and the music selected by talented and recognized DJ’s. Admire the amazing decoration of this clubs and the light effects while you dance surrounded by the most cosmopolitan crowd.

    Enjoy the glamour and prestige of Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife at some of its most famous clubs. Select from a variety of establishments and live a unique night of fun with semi-international open bar service, music and light effects. ?You will have the opportunity to choose from this list of places:

    Sky Mandala
    Sky is divided into comfortable spaces and bar areas where you will enjoy your favorite drink. In addition to modern and amazing decor, Sky Mandala has one of the best views of Puerto Vallarta. Besides your drinks and favorite songs, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a food menu that will satisfy your midnight cravings.

    La Santa
    La Santa is an elegant nightclub full of majesty and luxury with a decor that evokes the Colonial times. Its spacious areas create a perfect environment for dancing while you enjoy the best service and exclusivity that only La Santa can give you.
    (Dress code Formal: not shorts, hats, tennis shoes, sandals or sleeveless shirts)

    Xtine is a classic of Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife that has been reinvented to offer fun evenings and exclusivity. Discover the magic of its modern facilities and VIP areas while you enjoy dancing and drinking your favorite beverages.

    La Vaquita
    In La Vaquita you can enjoy the party without formalities, just you, the music and your drink. In this nightclub you will have the chance to have fun with theme parties and the best service you deserve to complete the best night of your life.

    Mandala is synonymous of high-level party and distinctive d̩cor, that will transport you to an oriental atmosphere full of mystery and glamour. Its open spaces and exquisite decoration make it the perfect place for you to enjoy the amazing nightlife of Puerto Vallarta.

    SR. Frog’s
    SR. Frog’s is one of the most fun and outgoing club/restaurant that you will find in Puerto Vallarta. You can enjoy your favorite drink while you taste some delicious meals that its Tex- Mex menu has to offer. You will also have the opportunity to have fun watching the entertainment that the staff has prepare for spending an amazing time, dancing and singing.

  • Market Visit and Cooking Lesson: Learn to Cook Authentic Mexican Food with a Modern Twist

    Market Visit and Cooking Lesson: Learn to Cook Authentic Mexican Food with a Modern Twist

    Learn to cook with a local chef in Puerto Vallarta! Your host for the day is Manu, a professionally?trained chef who loves to create innovative, modern fusions of classic Mexican dishes. Manu will take you to the local market and show you his favorite vendors. After doing a bit of shopping you’ll return to his home and cook a meal together. Manu will teach you to prepare traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist, dishes you can replicate in your own kitchen at home. Enjoy the meal together in Manu’s home, a small but typical home in central Puerto Vallarta.

    After completing culinary school he traveled abroad and lived in Canada, Spain, and Norway where he worked in a series of professional kitchens. After being away for 6 years, Manu returned to Mexico where he could indulge in his love of the food from home.

    Now happily settled in Puerto Vallarta, Manu is a private chef, and works in the tourism industry.?Manu lives in a small, but cozy house located close to the center of the city. He is experienced in catering to all types of tastes, allergies, and dietary restrictions.?

    Meet Manu at his home before setting out for the Mercado Cinco de Diciembre, located a short five minute walk away. Together you will browse the stalls where you will have an opportunity to experience all the sounds, smells, and colors of a traditional Mexican marketplace. You will visit fruit and vegetable stands, a tortilleria (tortilla factory), a carnicer?_a (butcher), and a pescader?_a (fish market), and learn how to choose the best ingredients from each. Upon returning to Manu’s home, you will utilize all the fresh foods you gathered in order to create your meal together.

    Join Manu in his kitchen to learn how to prepare a meal together. During your hands-on lesson, you can expect to learn how to make dishes such as mahi mahi ceviche, shrimp sopes, smoked marlin tacos, and flamed plantains; all with traditional techniques and ingredients. You can expect to cook for about an hour before sitting down to share the meal together.

    Manu’s style of cooking is rooted in authentic Mexican cuisine, but includes influence from Asia and the Mediteranean. You can look forward to enjoying dishes such as fresh ahi poke with avocado, sopa de elote con rajas con crema (corn soup with creamy poblano peppers), platanillo de res (boneless beef shank) with nopales (cactus), and cacao arroz con leche (rice pudding with cacao).

    Please note: this is not a professional cooking class, rather than an experience to visit an authentic, local home to meet a local person and share the culture and cuisine together.

  • Mayan Inland Expedition from Tulum: Punta Laguna and Coba Ruins

    Mayan Inland Expedition from Tulum: Punta Laguna and Coba Ruins

    Enjoy a full-day tour exploring some of the most amazing inland attractions in Tulum. Visit Punta Laguna, is a nature reserve managed and protected by a Mayan community that offers eco-touristic activities in a very diverse and beautiful setting of mature jungle and a clear lagoon. Then, see the Coba ruins which was probably the largest settlement in the north of the Yucatan peninsula during the classic period of the Mayan Civilization.

    After hotel pickup in Tulum, head to Punta Laguna. Here, the community has wisely decided to participate in eco-tourism by promoting activities which are aimed towards the preservation of their culture and the land. You will enjoy the marvelous natural environment of this area as you hike the jungle, zipline and canoe down crystal clear waters. See the impressive lagoons, a cenote and a semi-deciduous jungle with trees of up to 100 feet. You’ll also see and learn about the extraordinary bio-diversity of flora (over 300 species) and fauna (potential habitat for over 300 species of birds and many other species with a special protection status such as the Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Collared Peccary, White-tailed Deer, Red-brocket Deer, Agouti and many more).

    Then, you’ll head to Coba Ruins and enjoy a tour to explore this historical place. The early settlers of Coba took advantage of a series of small lagoons to found their city; which was possibly the largest pre-Hispanic settlement of the Classic period in northern Yucatan.? Learn how Coba
    flourished between 300-1000 AD, and see the five main architectural groups distributed around the lakes and connected by an impressive road network of sacbeoob (ancient causeways).? See the temple known as Nohoch Mul which is about 42 meters tall (138 ft). Climb to the top and see the jungle like a green carpet covering an ancient city of 72 square kilometers (45 square miles). You’ll also get to bike here before the tour is over.

    After a great day of exploration, you’ll be dropped-off back at your hotel.

  • Mexican Cooking Class Plus Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park Pass

    Mexican Cooking Class Plus Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park Pass

    Take a short ride to Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park, located in Cozumel and participate in a unique hands-on cooking class. Soak in the sun at Cozumel?s finest beach park, play at the water park and of course, enjoy a freshly prepared meal- made by you. Your tour includes roundtrip transportation from central meeting points in Cozumel.

    After being picked up from a central meeting point or hotel, arrive to Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park and enjoy a fun-filled day. You?ll be assigned your cooking workshop (depending on availability) and have the chance to enjoy all range of activities at the park for the entire family. You can enjoy the park’s facilities before and after your class.

    For your cooking workshop, you’ll get a prestigious chef who will guide you through the process of preparing an exquisite three-course Mexican meal. Have fun at a fully equipped dynamic workstation and get your hands dirty as you learn the secrets to cooking and presenting this internationally acclaimed cuisine. Once you are finished cooking, relax in an oceanfront dining room and enjoy the dishes you?ve prepared accompanied by Mexican wine, good company and a terrific view.

    After your meal, you?ll have free time to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, sunbathe on the white-sand beach or explore the new Floating Park or the water park including Buccaneer?s Bay kids? area, Oasis Island Pool & Hydro Massage Tub and the 200-foot long Twin Twister Waterslides.

    Your tour includes round-trip transportation, fully equipped cooking station, national open bar, entrance into the water park and Floating Park, and access to other top-notch services, facilities and exciting activities including lounge chairs, shopping area, underwater Mayan city, organized games, kayaks, paddle boats, hobie cats, floating mats, hammocks and much more. Other optional services and activities such as massage, snorkel gear rental and scuba diving are available for an additional fee.

    At Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park, the fun never ends. See below for a sample menu:

    • Appetizer: thick corn tortillas with devil-style shrimps (tomato and chipotle sauce) topped with lettuce, heavy cream, crumbled cheese & non-spicy chili powder. Shrimp can be replaced with chicken breast or cubed potatoes.
    • Main dish: fish filet topped with sauteed vegetables (onion, bell pepper, zucchini, carrot & tomato) in a tamarind and chili powder sauce.
    • Dessert: cinnamon and sugar caramelized plantains with a bitter chocolate & tequila sauce & cream *menu is subject to change by our chef.