• Discover Freediving Program in Punta Mita

    Discover Freediving Program in Punta Mita

    Experience the feeling of being one with the ocean while freediving and enjoy an amazing experience discovering the underwater wonders surrounded by tropical fish and larger marine life such us turtles, mantas, dolphins and tropical fish.

    Discover an amazing feeling underwater on this introductory program to freediving in Punta Mita. You will learn the basic techniques of the purest way of diving and reach a comfortable depth of 30 feet in just a single breath. This international certification by SSI is guided by professional freediving instructors including the best photos and HD videos by GoPro 2 of your first free dive.

    During the program, you will get especially trained, bilingual and experienced Captain and Deckhands. You’ll also be given all necessary equipment including all Riffe gear plus a professional Spearfishing Instructor. You’ll get: fish Cleaning, vacuum Sealing and Deep Freeze catch.
    You will also enjoy drinks (bottled water, gatorade, sodas, juice) and snacks (power bars, fruits selection and cookies). There is safety gear on every boat (life jackets and marine first aid kit). This is your chance to start the first of many diving adventures.

  • Discover Spearfishing Program in Punta Mita

    Discover Spearfishing Program in Punta Mita

    This is the ultimate experience if you are looking for a new and exciting experience. Enjoy the world class spearfishing grounds while you simply hang on the surface breathing trough a snorkel when waiting for that fish you dream. Learn the most important techniques for safety and to hunt successfully the best species in the area on this half day expedition guided by professional spearfisherman.

    Discover one of the most ancient methods of fishing on this introductory program which will give you a unique and memorable experience. The program begins with a 15-minute briefing at the beach in which you will go through all the basics and safety considerations and, most importantly, get to know all the gear involved.

    You will then start a shallow practice in the water which is a 20-minute clinic and demonstration of the principle skills you need to learn before heading to the reefs. Then, you’ll head to the local reefs for a 2-hour experience guided by the instructor. You’ll be on a real hunting environment to get some lunch for the group with great photos of the whole experience being taken.

    After a fun day out, bring your catch back to your resort and enjoy an amazing dinner with your family and friends. You’ll take home the best photos and HD videos of your first fish to remember this experience forever.

  • Inshore Fishing Private Tour from Punta Mita

    Inshore Fishing Private Tour from Punta Mita

    Come and join on this half day trip from Punta Mita. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time fishing or you are an experienced fisherman. With your guide on this tour, you will have a wonderful trip in the Pacific Ocean waters.

    This adventure is the perfect option for families looking to have a fun day at sea with a friendly aproach to fishing as well as for experienced fishermen targeting trophy fish that lives in these waters.
    The abundance of reefs and underwater structures around Punta Mita creates the perfect ground to practice any art of fishing like trolling, jigging, casting or live baiting. On this tour, you will learn about great techniques and be able to see and catch all types of fish with the main species being Mahi-mahi, Roosterfish, Snappers,African Pompano, Mackerels and Jacks. During the tour, you will enjoy a fresh ceviche made by the crew with the first fish that you catch.
    At the end of the expedition, your fishing guide will cut and clean the fish so you can take it home or to any of the local restaurants to enjoy a wonderful local meal.